Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Gosh..it has been a while since we've posted something! Dark days, endless work assignments and thesis preparations do not cooperate well with maintaining this blog! There is however a light in the darkness concerning this matter... we both will graduate from business school in two weeks! Whoot Whoot! Hopefully this will give us some more time to improve our blogging ;)

What do you think of our winter favourites section? Today, the first feature is on sweaters! The last few weeks our 'uniform' looked a bit like this: pistolboots + jeans + the warmest chunkiest sweaters we own ;) I like all the sweaters pictured in our collage.. but my favourite is def the one in the left hand top corner! Love the ombre effect!

Ombre; Alexander McQueen
White and furry; 3.1. Phillip Lim
Stars; Sea NY
Black and furry; Stella McCartney
Acne sweater
Bon appetit; River Island

all pictures via fashiolista


  1. I like the black furry one and the ACNE knit... Gotta love the expensive stuff!

  2. De Acne trui is echt een favoriet van mij!